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Trat Airport


Privately owned and operated by Bangkok Airways, Trat Airport serves the airline’s daily domestic and international flights to/from mainland Trat and is the closest airport to Koh Chang. The airport has a simple layout, comprising a cluster of open-air thatched-roof buildings – for the arrival and departure halls, offices, snack bar – a runway and other airport facilities.


Each flight from Bangkok takes a mere 60 minutes, compared to 4-5 hours if travelled by car. Although Air tickets are not cheap, as Bangkok Airways is not a budget airline, the overall experience is quite pleasant.

The telephone numbers for Trat airport are:

039-525767/8 Trat Airport,
039-525777 Bangkok Airways in Trat (airport office),
039-525299 Bangkok Airways in Trat (downtown office),
02-535-7709/12 Bangkok (domestic lines airport),
02-265-5555 Bangkok Airways (head office),
1771 Bangkok Airways (reservation center).