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Koh Chang Travel and Local Information

Rapidly establishing itself as one of Thailand’s hottest getaway destinations, Koh Chang emerges as a beautiful, secluded island equipped with unspoiled natural endowments like verdant rainforests and pristine beaches enhanced with a host of modern day’s conveniences like a fine selection of accommodation and restaurants, fun activities like swimming, kayaking and canoeing, and great entertainment options like cafés, shops, pubs and bars. Blessed with many great gorgeous beaches, scenic bays and coves and lush rain forests, Koh Chang fits every definition of an exotic vacation.


Although first time visitors tend to be baffled with the island’s wide choice of beaches and attractions, fret not, we’re here to help make your trip void of fuss and hassles! From the overview of the island’s geography and climate, events and festivals to a comprehensive guide of how to get to and get around Koh Chang and its neighboring small islands, our Koh Chang Information Guide will come in handy when you plan a trip to the island. So, pack your bag, an exotic heaven on earth awaits!

Due to its mountainous and hilly landscape, Koh Chang isn’t built for breezy getting around. Since he distance between each beach is not suitable for walking, and also the island has unpredictable roads and steep hills, it’s best to rely on ‘songtaew’ taxis. During low season it can be a hassle to find ‘songtaew’ taxi, and sometimes you may have to hire it privately. (Rent a car about 1200.- THB)


Alternatively, you can rent a motorbike from the many motorbike rental shops found virtually on every beach on Koh Chang. The fee is 200 baht per day, safety helmet included (and should be worn at all times). Another option is to use the hotel’s transfer service. This can be an expensive option, but well worth it if you’re traveling with family or in group. Biking provides a safe and fun way to get around, but not recommended for traveling between beaches, or up and down the hills.


Getting to other Islands

Not so far from Lam Ngob Pier is Kromluang Chumphon Pier, where wooden taxi-boats, speedboats and chartered boats to other islands like Koh Kood, Koh Maak, Koh Wai, Koh Kham and Koh Laoya depart from. Speedboats can carry up to 30 passengers, leave daily at 13:00 and arrive Koh Maak at 13:40, and then Koh Kood at 14:10. You can also reach all these islands by boat from Bangbao pier on Koh Chang. It’s advisable to check the rate and schedule of these services beforehand because of possible changes due to the season, passenger load and competition among the ferry and boat operators.